1. Baby is Finally Here!


  2. Black Cat Appreciation Day

    Black Cat Appreciation Day

    Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

    We love you, Raven!!

    busted 2

    Busted! Checking out the baby’s crib…one month until D-Day!

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  3. World Cat Day

    She’s right, you know…

  4. The Lash Project Gluten-Free Mascara is FINALLY here!

    It’s finally HERE!!  The allergy-free mascara we have all been waiting for.  Get yours NOW…

  5. 7 Weeks and Counting Down to D-Day

    Seven weeks from today we will welcome our baby boy!  We are so excited!


  6. Goodbye Sweet Fur-Baby

    Yesterday we said Goodbye to our sweet dog Delenn.  She was nearly 15 years old.
    Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the hardest things to do.  We are grateful for the house call service that allowed us to love and comfort her at home.

    We miss her so much already.  The house is too quiet.

    My husband composed and posted this Facebook Tribute to her the day before she passed:

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  7. Three Months to D-Day! (Delivery, that is…)

    Three months from today we should be meeting our baby boy! Due to my medical history, I will require a c-section, which my doctor has already scheduled for September 17th.  


  8. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and especially to my husband!

    What a Dad

    What a Dad!

    The celebration started Saturday with a sampling of recipes from The Paleo Kitchen.
    Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes and Lemon Raspberry Swirl Muffins were both outstanding -
    as is everything George Bryant dreams up!

    Sunday morning we had pastured eggs and bacon with tea – one of his favorite breakfasts.  We gave him his card and gift at breakfast, and he gave ME a card that said:

    “Thank You for Giving me Father’s Day.” Aww!  *sob*  

    I spent much of the morning cooking while he played.  Mushrooms & onions, yams for Paleo Dough, roast chicken & carrots, marinating Asian chicken wings  and jerkybeef stock etc.

    And after all that food prep, Hubby wanted to go out to eat.  He’d heard of a rotisserie restaurant called Brasa in Minneapolis, which must be as good as the blogs say because there was an hour and fifteen minute wait!  We knew the boy wouldn’t stand for that, so we ventured onward to the French Meadow Cafe.

    Fathers Day 2014a

    Plenty of gluten-free menu options, including dessert!  And they even have a dedicated fryer!  We got a table outside and enjoyed a beautiful evening. The boys were drinking lemonade.  On a whim, I dared my son to bite the lemon.  I really did not think he would do it, but…

    All in good fun.  Happy Father’s Day!

    Happy Father’s Day Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and especially to my husband! The celebration started Saturday with a sampling of recipes from…

  9. Bare Minerals READY Line No Longer Gluten-Free

    Bare Minerals READY Line No Longer Gluten-Free

    READY not GF

    Why?!  Why would a company go back to using gluten-containing ingredients after years of proudly not using them?!  I am more than a little annoyed with Bare Minerals right now.

    I was a big fan of the READY foundation due to its color, coverage and ease of application.  After a recent visit to the Mall of America location, I came away with a cute little kit containing the foundation, concealer,…

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  10. Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon?!

    Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon?!

    Oy.  Sounds like quite the combo, huh?

    Full Moon 06-13-2014  from Woodbury, MN

    Full Moon 06-13-2014 from Woodbury, MN

    Actually, other than a race-around-the-house black wildcat, and a silly run-around-like-a-puppy black lab it was a pretty normal day!

    For me, anyway.

    My son had lots of excitement in the evening when Dad taught him to shoot a gun for the very first time.  Hubby has been a trapshooter (like his father) since high school,…

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